Friday, March 22, 2013

Using your iPhone for memory keeping

If you are anything like me, your iPhone is permanently stuck to your hand or at least within arms reach at all times. This has really amped up my memory keeping and the kind of things I document. I have come across some really cool apps for these funky little gadgets we carry.  I want to share with you the ones that I am currently using and how I use them in my Project Life.

We've all heard of Instagram even if we're not sure of what it is. I myself am definitely no expert on this well known app but I have played with the camera and filters endlessly. I honestly until recently only ever used Instagram for printing the photos and using them for my scrapping. However, now I am starting to follow people, have people follow me and now have learnt how to link pics to my Simply Bella Facebook page.  I'm definitely having a lot of fun with Instagram.  To find out more, check out this review.

Artkive is a wonderful app for those of you that have kiddies who love to craft, draw, colour in or create.  It is a way of documenting and taking pics of their artwork and keeping it filed on your phone instead of having piles or boxes of their precious creations in storage.  I have been known to collect every little piece of artistry my little ones make and this makes for quite a collection of work.  I often feel guilty sorting through and working out what to turf and what to keep.  However, with this groovy little app I can sort it as I save it, keep everything and not have a huge pile of artwork stored in my office.  To find out more, check out this review.
Instaquote is another fab app that I use frequently for those funny little things that my kids say and I want to document there and then.  In the past I have kept notebooks to write down the quirky and often funny little things they come away with, but who keeps it with them all the time?  I always have my phone on hand so it's easy to type their 'quotes' in and save them for my Project Life pages, their individual albums, etc.  I always forget these funny moments and this way when I upload to my iMac they are all there in front of me ready to giggle at again.  The great thing with this app though is that you can use it in many ways other than what I have.  To find out more, check out this review.

Notestagram is a little similar to Instaquote.  It's great for Project Life 3x4 journaling inserts and the filters are so much fun to play with.  I use this app more for journaling than I do anything else as I can journal on the run and then print out to insert in my layouts later on.  To find out more, check out this review.

Instaweather has become very popular lately.  I'm seeing more and more people use this everyday but for us scrappers it is a fantastic way of documenting the weather and taking a photo of something relevant to that day's temperature.  I have used this religiously throughout summer to document what we were doing in the heat, swimming, my garden, clothes we were wearing, etc.  This app is definitely one of my favourites as it can include your location, date, temperature, forecasts and more.  I use the Instaweather Pro version which gives you more options. To find out more, check out this review.

Instaplace is absolutely brilliant for those times when you are travelling or somewhere special that you want to remember.  You can simply snap your photo and then the app puts in the details making your pic look awesome and documenting your location.  I really do need to remember to use this app more as it makes for fantastic Project Life and scrapping pages.  To find out more, check out this review.

Phonto is probably my most used app for putting text onto photos.  You can use different fonts on the same photo creating a really professional looking image.  I find it really simple to use and most importantly it allows you to resize and move your text around the photo.  This definitely app gets the thumbs up for me.  To find out more, check out this review.

PicFrame is wonderful for collage creating.  You pick the size of the photo you would like to use and then how many pics you would like to include into that template.  This app has made my life a breeze with including several photos in a particular sized frame.  I use this over and over again for all my scrapping layouts and it's a must for all Project Lifers.  To find out more, check out this review.

WordFoto is great for making really dramatic font effects with your photos.  You really have to take a look at this app to see it's capabilities.  With the right photo and text you can create amazing some images.  Admittedly, not all photos look great with typography but the more you play with this fun app, the more creative you become.  To find out more, check out this review.

And last but definitely not least is PicTapGo.  This app is my newest addition and I am absolutely loving everything about this simple but very powerful photography tool.  This clever little app actually conforms to your style preferences, lets you see your pic with the different filters to help you compare options.  It can make even the dullest photo look fab.  I honestly need to play around with this little beauty more as I am absolutely positive that I have not used it to it's full capacity.  It was highly recommended to me and now I highly recommend it to you for easy and fantastic photo results.  To find out more, go to this review from a fellow crafter.

So there you have it, my favourite iPhone apps for the minute.  As you've probably guessed, this list changes all the time as there are so many new ones coming out everyday.  But these are the apps I always seem to go back to, love using and make my memory keeping easy breezy.  Please feel free to let me know what apps you are using, what your recommendations are and how you use them for you memory keeping.  I love hearing what everyone else is using.

Keep on keeping on peeps,
Kye :)

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