Thursday, April 25, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 8

Okay, okay...  So saying that I am disappointed in myself is probably putting it lightly.  I am devastated that I have been unable to keep up this year :(  I have struggled with times, schedules and keeping on track more than what I could have ever imagined, BUT...

I am taking time away from all of the things that I have 'let' get in the way and now this week going to do what makes my little heart feel light; document my memories.  There's no point in creating them all if I don't make the time to document them true?  How will I ever remember how lucky I am if I never remind myself?  And I remind myself by memory keeping with my Project Life.

So, I am going to put my head down and my butt up to get on top again and help me 'feel' on top again.

And here you have it - Week 8.

For this week I have used Endless & Fair-Weather range from the Authentique Free Bird Series.  I found that this blended perfectly with the 3x4 cards from both the Cinnamon and Midnight kits by Becky Higgins.  I also received my Yesterday stamp set from the sweet Kellie Winnel at Give A Girl A Blog and honestly the quality is amazing.  You can see this on the 'Monday' tag I made and also the arrow on 'the weekend' insert.  The tiny stamp's clarity is just gorgeous and I can't wait to use them more and more on my pages.

Here are the filler/journaling cards that I used from Becky's kits and just embellished with stickers, Thickers, washi tape and my QR codes from Youtube.
The limits with these digital kits that you can purchase from AC Digitals are endless.  I am still finding new and fun ways to use them, print on them, embellish them and even change the sizes, colours and whole look.

Now I'm off the my Project Life boogie on and catch up...

Au revoir,
Kye :)

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