Monday, July 8, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 16

Oh. My. Gee did this week do my head in!!!  LOL  I can honestly tell you that I have never spent so much time on fiddling, shuffling, repositioning and to be quite frank, just fluffing (for want of a better word) around with papers, lettering, photos....  You name it, it was shuffled!  It honestly, no word of a lie, has taken me days to get this spread finished.  BUT, in saying that...  I would have to say that this layout is now probably my favourite one that I have done so far.
I have never really been a green kinda girl but these gorgeous papers from Authentique really caught my eye when I was looking through my stash and deciding what to use.  I knew that I wanted to utilise more of my Studio Calico Project Life kit so these papers just jumped out and said "Hel-lo" when I was matching and colour co-ordinating.

I think the reason that I fiddled so much was because of the mood I was in.  I have been a little overwhelmed with life in general lately and have a had a lot on my plate, so to really focus on the subject at hand (my layout) seemed like another chore.  Project Life has never been like that for me and I never want it to get that way.  It's my escape, my chillax time, me time, my leave-me-alone-I'm-in-my-happy-place time.  So to see it as something that was overwhelming me too, was a little disappointing.

I jumped off that train quick smart!  I took all my goodies and tools into the living room, away from my 'work space'.  I made a yummy platter of cheese, dips, olives, etc and put on one of my favourite shows (Wentworth for those wondering) and then viola!!!  I got my mojo back and things just flowed. 

I was relaxed enough to then let it all just come together again.  Now THAT is how I Project Life!  Without really thinking, without a concept or theme in mind.  It's just where the photos and my creative juices take me for that particular layout.  Ahhhhhhh *sigh* I will now never let something that I love overwhelm me again....

Now this brings me to my point, my epiphany...  I really love my life, so why am I letting THAT overwhelm me?  My new approach...  Relax, change it up a bit and then just got with the flow!!!!!!

Isn't it amazing how Project Life can give you clarity and help you along life's journey...  It's a clever little cookie our friend, isn't it!  LOL ;)

Going with the flow,


  1. this is amazing, i love every single bit of it :)

    1. Thank you so much Caroline, such kind compliments :)

  2. gorgeous! i love how there's so much loveliness to look at on each page and pocket. xx

    1. Sue you are just too kind, thank you so much for all your lovely words :)