Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dentist appointment = Tooth Hurty

'Tooth Hurty'... 2:30... Lol get it? Maybe it's just the pain medication getting to me now hahahaha! Should I even be blogging right now? Lol
Well it was actually 2:50pm to be precise, my dentist appointment that is, and boy was I packing my dacks! I'm the worst in a dental chair and yesterday was no exception. It's a bit sad when your 8 year old is holding YOUR hand and telling you to be brave :(
The end result... A fractured tooth that needed to be removed surgically in four separate pieces, the removal of a few splintered bones pieces, a few stitches later and a very relieved but quite sore Mumma.
Anyways, this now brings me to my reason for blogging about it... It's the perfect excuse for me to stop for a minute. To sit for a second and have a rest. To be a little kinder to myself for a moment. Lately I've found I'm running around after everybody else, taking care of others, helping those that need me. But for the next few days I have decided that I will look after me... I need a little bit of TLC and I'm going to give it to myself!
I'm going allow myself to rest. Allow myself to do some blog reading, do some blog writing. Drink my soups and lie on the couch and let my little Mr 3 continue to give me kisses on 'Mummy's sore mouth'. I'm not going to stress about the housework, I'm SURE it will still be there when I'm feeling better. I'm going to recharge my batteries and let myself rest!
Sometimes a girl needs to allow herself to be a drama queen and a sooky la la and right now I am owning both like a BOSS! ;)


  1. Fractured tooth? That must really hurt. Thankfully your dentist is available that time and you were able to schedule an emergency session, and found out the cause of the pain. With all the pain you’ve experienced, you really deserve a day to rest, recover, and pamper yourself. How are you now, btw?

    Bruna Bott @ Dr. Leon

  2. Sometimes you have to be able to take a break and allow yourself to relax! It is especially important when it’s the best thing for your health. The more you rest, the more chance your body and mouth has to heal. It’s a hard thing to get used to when you are used to being on the go.

    Sue @ WesternDental Bakersfield CA 93301