Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Very First Day Book

Okay, so I admit that I have been a little lost in the Project Life world and paying very little attention to my traditional scrapping and my first love, mini-albums.  Today I felt like I needed some comfort, you know that feeling of an old friend, a favourite hoody or pair of worn out slippers. . .  Something that you're used to and it 'feels like home'.  So this afternoon I turned to my old favourite creative pastime of mini albums.

As you might have all guessed I have fallen in love with everything Amy Tangerine and her recent visit to Spotlight stores all over Australia has left us scrappers in an Amy frenzy.  This highly talented lady has motivated me to jump on the mini-album making train and create my own 'daybook'.  They are simply an album that is used to record journaling and photos of a particular event or day.  They are all the buzz at the moment and everyone seems to be having a crack at them.  I have seen some that are just simply amazeballs and have really gotten my creative juices flowing!!!  There are no rules or limits just do what you like and have fun with them.  Here is a link to some that are on Amy's blog that were created by the Studio Calico team and they are just divine.

This week I received an order from the wonderful Polka Dot Creative with lots of pretty yumminess and haven't had a chance to play with any of it.  But today I sat down with my collected visuals of daybooks and my flowing juices and here's what I've come up with so far . . .

Front cover

Inside first page 
Inside cover

So there you have it, my first attempt at a 'daybook'.  Now I'm all keen to fill it with 'random facts about me'.  I'm planning on using al the Instagram photos in it and filling it with my own handwritten journaling, lots of pretty tags and cute stuff from my own stash.  So stay tuned for my next instalment, filling my daybook!  One word PUMPED!!!  I think I'll be making quite a few of these little beauties :-)  I definitely have the mini-album making buzz again lol!

Big hugs,

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