Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Life 1013 - Week 5

Have I mentioned lately how much I love doing this?  Maybe I just needed to remind myself again then lol.  But seriously, I really love doing this... I mean, a lot! lol

There are very few hours throughout the week where I am either not working on my layouts, taking photos for my layouts, jotting down quick journaling for my layouts or just thinking about my layouts.  It really can become quite obsessive, but in the best way possible.  I mean, who doesn't want to obsess over making wonderful memories with family and friends and then documenting them to later reminisce about how lovely our life is or was.  True?  Okay, so maybe I am the only one who constantly has Project Life on her mind but hey, I never said that I wasn't a little strange in certain ways lol.

I have always been one to love reminiscing with family and friends of old times.  I have been told before that I have an amazing memory and am known to sit for hours just listening to my Nan tell me stories of Scotland and her local dance hall.  I'm guessing I get my good memory from her.  So I figure, why not put this passion of mine to good use and document my stories for my children and their children.  Hopefully they too will possess my passion for life stories and appreciate all this when they're older.  But you know what, if not, at least they will know that I was the happiest Mumma of all knowing (in the words of Becky Higgins) that I was 'cultivating a good life for them and documenting it'.

So on that note, here is my week 5.

Full layout
I used a combination of my Project Life SeafoamBridgeport and Amy Tangerine 'Ready Set Go' digital kits for this week.  I printed what I wanted onto cardstock and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out.

Left hand side
I as a little disappointed after I cut the large photo as once inserted into the pockets it actually makes his face look longer than what it is. Aw well, still a spunky monkey in my eyes so will just remember this next time I decide to crop a face lol.

Right hand side 
Letters cut with the Silhouette Cameo
Once they have been coated with Glossy Accents
I have found that I rarely ever have enough Thickers or letters to spell the word 'week' as I obviously go through these the most.  But now that I have my best friend the Cameo, all I have to do now is find a font I like, colour it to match my layout and then use the 'print and cut' feature to cut the letters.  This is going to save me a fortune on buying letters now (whoo too).  To add dimension to the cut letters I go over them with Glossy Accents and leave to dry for around 30 minutes.  Viola, an endless supply of w, e and k's YAY :)

This photo was taken with the crazy awesome application for iPhone called Split Pic.  I haven't really had a chance to play with it as much as I would like however the cool photo possibilities are endless.  I wanted to capture how my little man plays for hours with his Transformers, in the same spot, on the floor making the funniest sound effects.  Love the imagination :)

Here is my flip up insert made from old cut-offs of pocket pages.  I have used some of the Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit cards by Becky Higgins.  I downloaded the digital kit so that I can print, cut and use them in loads of different ways and as many times as I like, bonus! :)

You can purchase all of the digital kits that I have used in this week's layout from AC Digitals by clicking here.

Now it's back to sipping my Cranberry, Raspberry and Strawberry tea and getting stuck into week 6.

See you on the flip side scrappers :)

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