Friday, May 3, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 9

The right-hand side is more photo-filled.  I'm not sure why it worked this way but when the two pages are side by side they actually are quite balanced.

I took some screen shots for this week using my iPhone and Mac for the Oscars pic and the movie The Impossible insert.  Another QR code (geez I love these) for a YouTube vid that the kids have been watching non-stop and that about sums this page up.

Flowers and dimensional fabric paint
QR code
Hot pink nail polish
So now that the sun has shone through this morning, I've blogged another week and I've got a load of washing to hang out, I'll get onto that and enjoy the rays for a bit and then be back to blog week 10.

Catch ya,
Kye :)

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