Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 7 and Reality TV...

Is anyone else slightly addicted to Real Housewives of Melbourne?  I can't get enough!  Honestly, I think I have a serious addiction to these reality tv shows.  Or is it that it's an easy watch; one that you don't really have to concentrate on.  I love sitting and Project Life-ing and catching up on my recorded episodes when the boys are sound asleep.  It's my 'me' time and I love every second!

Watching these women bicker, bitch and spend copious amounts of money intrigues me.  Majority of the time I sit there cropping, journaling and embellishing with my jaw on the floor.  I get gobsmacked by the behaviour of some cast members.  I quite often shake my head at the things they say.  I find myself gasping at the way they 'get all gansta' and "tut-tut" at the backstabbing that goes on.  Real or not real, I'm addicted.

I could finish layout after layout watching my trashy reality shows, not thinking, just watching cray-cray women and being thankful for my gorgeous girlfriends... :)

So that's how my week 7 came together, whilst having a Real Housewife catch-up session.  I was sticking, cutting, gluing and making it all look pretty while watching Melbourne women attack each other over their cocktails and dinner.  I'm surprised I didn't stick my fingers together at some stages...  These women can be brutal!

Playing with pretty pinks and teals kept me calm.  At some points I wanted to use my Typo washi tape to stick their mouths shut...  Well, just one particular 'rude and vulgar' housewife that has an expensive tennis court ;)  WOW, can women really be that nasty or am I just naive and living in the land of crafting, rainbows and unicorns lol.

In saying that, I don't condone any of this behaviour, even though I can't help but watch it all play out on my screen.  I'm not sure how much of it is 'real' or scripted but one thing I do know, when I'm caught up in these episodes I tend to create some pretty cool layouts lol...  This one came together so easily and I think it was because I was too busy concentrating on the Chinese whispers that this group of women were playing.

So while I excitedly wait for more episodes to be aired, I gather my supplies and edit my photos so that my next marathon session can produce me some more 'non-thought-about' layouts.  Here's to reality tv getting my creative juices flowing and these housewives making me feel grateful for my happy, drama-free life.

Happy days peeps, happy days!

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