Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week In The Life - The first attempt...

Mmm, now where to begin with this story...  Well, I shall start at the beginning perhaps?  Might be a good place and we'll just take it from there shall we?

I had everything organised, my daily sheets printed, my camera batteries charged, my head wrapped around the task at hand and even a good idea on how I was going to design my pages for my digital book.  I started off with flying colours; 86 photos taken on the first day!  Boo-yah!!!!  LOL

But then...  Guess what?

A fast hard curve ball was thrown directly at me!  Did I duck?  Heck yeah!  Initially anyway...  I was determined not to let a little side step get in the way of a project that I thoroughly enjoy!

The week went on and I got to Wednesday, hardly any documenting, a scarce amount of photos taken and I was seriously thinking of throwing in the towel.  I was feeling deflated, disappointed but mostly frustrated.  I had sick kidlets, friends that were needing my focus and ear and a mindset that was no longer on the task at hand...

What to do, what to do...

I pondered and came to this conclusion.

Start again when it was more appropriate.  Begin again when I could focus and enjoy the documenting.  Kick off on a week where it will be a 'true reflection' of our lives.

I decided that there was no point continuing with the process if I was going to be left with an album filled with photos of my children lying on the couch, sleeping and sneezing.  Journaling that was all about medicine, sleepless nights and Mummy cuddles.  This wasn't even close to a normal week for us and that is what I want my documenting to entail, a true reflection of our routine, schedule, daily doings, etc.

So this is where I am at...  Currently school holidays are finishing up, yet again it would not really have been a true reflection of our week, so I will be gearing up again to start my Week In The Life when school is back and our weeks are normal again.

But yet again, do I really want to even ponder on that thought...  What IS a normal week for us???  LOL  I'll just settle for the closest thing.

Till next time (when life is a little more normal),
Keep scrapping :)

Ps.  I would love to hear if anyone else did this wonderful project, how did you go, have you ever had to postpone it for another week, if you did, how did you go about it...

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