Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 1

What a wonderful start we had to the first week of 2014.  I can already feel that this year is going to be an amazing one...  You know how you can just feel a shift in energy?  Last year wasn't so pleasant, with lots of ups and plenty of downs.  So this year, I can sense a big change in the air, very different to how last year began.  I am so glad that 2014 has started in such a fun and positive way, a sign of great things to come I believe.

I started my Week 1 from midnight of 2014.  We stayed at home this year, having a very quiet and relaxing New Year's Eve.  What a great night it turned out to be...  Lots of chatting, laughing, singing and music...  Oh and not to mention quite a bit of alcohol consumption LOL ;)  We had a wonderful fireworks display that could be viewed from our backyard and we even got the telescope out to check out the beautiful moon and gorgeous stars.

We took a road trip on the weekend to visit close family friends and had such a lovely time.  It got a bit stressful at the beach as there was a sudden weather change and it started blowing a gale so my youngest didn't deal too well with sand being blown in his face (neither did I for that matter) LOL.  It was nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix.

For the layout of Week 1 I used some of my Studio Calico kits, mixing it up with Blue Note and Cuppa.  I'm sticking with this subscription again this year as I really do love them.  I've been really pleased with each kit I have received.  It has actually stopped me from impulse buying when I am trying to declutter my stash.

So, now I am about to start working on my Week 2 and 3, which I will post about later in the week.  I'm also playing with my One Little Word (lots of thinking involved with that one) and my Move More, Eat Well, Jumpstart class (that one was a little bit of a struggle last week and got slightly neglected).

Are you working on a few projects at once?  I would love to hear how you juggle them.

Happy Monday peeps :)

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