Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 21

I finished this layout about a week ago and it was the first time I got my hands on some Me And My Big Ideas Pocket Pages card packs. Well, Oh My MAMBI!!!! I honestly can't stop using them... I have completed three layouts in the matter of two nights and that's with my over-embellishing habit.
They pretty much team with anything as the colours are quite varied in each pack. If you are anything like me as a Project Lifer, you don't like to limit yourself in the colour department or when it comes to embellishing. These cards make it really simple to do both.
I was even able to mix and match the assorted packs with my Becky Higgins kits which was pleasing. It frustrates me to no end when my kits don't mesh well; I like to get value for money so using what is already in my stash along with new products gets me excited. That and the fact that it encourages to use my creativity to see what I can incorporate with what.
It even matched wonderfully with my own cute speech bubble embellies that you can find in my store here... Now THAT'S sure to make a girl happy!!!

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