Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 22

Again, for this week I just couldn't go past my new Me & My BIG Ideas pocket pages specialty cards.  The green grass went perfectly with my little footy app insert.  This particular pack that I used is the Sport pack and you can find it here along with all the MAMBI specialty card packs and other products at Scrapbooking From Scratch.
I also wanted to share, as I have been asked numerous times now, how the large photo is done.  It actually is really simple for me as I print from home so for those of you that print in stores, you might just have to play around with the sizing.  Myself, I resize to the width and length of the pockets I want to utilise and then simply crop down to fit.  So in this instance, I printed the photo at 6"x8" size and then cropped straight across the middle at 4 inches so the I was left with two 4"x6" photos.  I then crop the bottom half into two 3"x4" separate photos.  Hope that sounds simple enough...
Here you can see how I have cropped the large photo in more detail.  See?  Pretty simple really and very effective.  I find this technique (if that's what you'd call it) great for when you don't really have many photos for a layout and you want to fill pockets.
Last but not least, my Thickers...  I really can't rave about how much I love them enough.  I honestly have gone through the washi phase, the cork phase (kinda still happening) and now my MAMBI phase but a girl needs to be honest with herself sometimes...  I really REALLY love my Thickers!  I thought they were a phase, even lust perhaps...  But no; this is true, hopelessly devoted to you, love! lol ;)

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