Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Life 2013 - The beginning

Here it is, a new year and a new Project Life album.  I'm so excited and I can't believe that I get to start with a clean slate, try new and creative ways to do layouts and most importantly, keep up to date with my pages this year.  Now let's see how THAT goes hahahahaha ;)

It's quite obvious that I didn't do the greatest job of keeping up with my album last year.  It was so easy in the beginning, all inspired, all motivated. . .  But then life creeps up on you, things get busy and you miss a week or two and think to yourself, "That's fine.  I'll catch up over the next few days."  Pffft, like that ever happened LOL.

So this year I plan to learn from my past mistakes and put into action a simple little plan. . . Don't fall behind!  Pretty easy yeah?  I think so.  Straight forward and a very basic concept really LOL.  I figure that being a week or two behind isn't so hard to catch up on over a few nights.  But I noticed that when I let a few weeks slip by, I was toast!

Now, it is time for me to contradict what I've just said and tell you that I also plan to not be so hard on myself.  Confused yet?  LOL  Well, it seemed that another reason why I wouldn't complete pages was because I had to have them perfect polished and this led me to leaving them sit in my scrap room for days and sometimes even weeks.  So this year I am keeping my perfection desires at bay and letting a few little mistakes go, covering smudges with washi tape and not spending as long on striving for that flawless layout.

Now, one thing I will be carrying on into this year's Project Life planning will be the Oh Life journalling site that I used to document my days.  It was fantastic and I highly recommend it!  The fact that you get a reminder email each day to reply to with your day's details was what did it for me.  A quick tap of the fingers each night on the keyboard and I had my journalling all prepared when the time came to do a layout.  I found it a 'must' and am continuing with it this year.

Printing at home is another method I found the easiest for me.  It ensured that I had my photos ready to use (I am a tad impatient if you haven't already guessed) and I can crop, edit, add fonts, etc to them and print away on my Epson Stylus NX125.  I will be trying out Persnickity Prints this year for my 12"x12" photos.  I plan to do some full page photo layouts on the weeks I haven't got much else to fill the inserts with.

Mmmmm, what else. . . Oh I know, I will be using the free printable planner by Hello Forever as this was really helpful for making notes about ideas I had for layouts.  I also used it for noting the supplies I used, kits, tools, fonts, etc for when I would write my blog posts; very helpful indeed.

I have ordered and am waiting for my albums by We R Memory Keepers and my page protectors by American Crafts.  I chose a bright and funky yellow for this year's Project Life album; trying to 'keep it cheery'.  Now it seems that the page protectors can sometimes be a little difficult to come across so I think this year I will use whatever I can get my hands on so long as the quality is good.

Now as for products I am using to fill the album, it's pretty much open slather for me.  I love variety and don't like to be restricted.  I find that I am coming across new and amazing products every day so why would I want to limit myself and not be able to mix things up a bit and have fun.

I have chosen to be open to what products I use again this year as it worked so well for me in 2012.  I have purchased a digital Seafoam kit from AC Digitals that I can print out the elements that I want to use at home.  But the rest I will be throwing caution to the wind, using my own stash and obviously buying whatever catches my eye throughout the year. You'll definitely see some of my favourites like Amy TangerineEcho ParkSimple Stories, lots of freebies from Pinterest and hopefully some of my own Simply Bella creations throughout my 2013 adventure.  So, be sure to check out Polka Dot Creative where the lovely Jodie will be happy to help you with any products you may be after.  I highly recommended her online store for fantastic customer service and speedy delivery.

So stay tuned, it's a brand new year, fresh start, a new beginning, so many possibilities.

Big hugs,

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