Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 2

So keeping up with my album this year hasn't been all that difficult and I have enjoyed how simple it has been editing and printing my photos as the week goes by.  Blogging about each week however has proven to be more of a challenge.

The kids are still currently on school holidays and are due to start back tomorrow *cheering loudly in my head* so the interruptions whilst trying to work have been (let's be honest here) non bloody stop!  I seriously contemplated changing my name as the word "Mum" has been severely grating on my nerves.  Anywho, that's why the blogging hasn't been as frequent as I would have hoped as the 'little people' kept entering my safe haven when I would try to sit down and post (isn't it always the way?) LOL.

Now here I am quickly typing like a crazy women while they sit with Dad and watch a movie.  Mind you, I have already gotten up to make ice cream, wipe sticky hands and to find a beloved robot so let's make this quick before I hear more footsteps.

Week 2 had a few photos that I wanted to print as 4"x6" but keep simple and unembellished.  Using iScrapbook to add fonts and journaling is perfect for this and leaves a layout looking a little less busy.  I also wanted to include a larger pic of my boys and me so I made a 6"x8" insert out of a page protector and just cut it to size and used washi tape to seal it.

I'm still loving my Cameo more and more and the fact that I can cut any lettering I like still excites me too.  I can see that this little beauty will be my prized possession for many years to come.  Each layout brings new possibilities, new cuts and more fun.

Now as for the products I used this week I have jotted them all down in my little supplies notebook.  One night this week when the boys are in bed early, I will google all the links and add them to the end of this post.

Next, it's on to finishing week 3 (it's almost done).

Ciao for now,

PS.  Also wanted to do a big shout out to all those affected by the floods in Brisbane and QLD.  You are all in mine and my families thoughts, so please stay safe, stay positive and stay strong! :)

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