Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meeting Amy

Howdy peeps!

How are we all on this fine sun shiny Monday morning?  I hope everyone has had their coffee and their Monday-itis is starting to lift.  Mine is clearing but it may take a little longer today as I'm a little sleep deprived due to a small human thinking it's more than fine to wake and want to play with an iPad at 1am.  Anyway, another story for another day lol.  Let's just say that he lost that battle but I was then left staring at the digits on my bedside clock.  Don't you just love those nights?

But here I am this morning, ready to share what would have to have been one of the most exciting weekend adventures that I have had in a loooooong time.  Yes, I finally got to meet the absolutely gorgeous Amy Tangerine.

It all began with a train ride into the Melbourne Showgrounds with my two VERY excited little munchkins.  Funny how we take things like travelling on public transport for granted when we are younger and then realise that our children have never had that experience.  To say they were psyched would be an understatement.  I couldn't stop giggling at their cute little reactions to each part of the trip.

We arrived at the Better Homes and Gardens Live Expo and I headed straight to the Spotlight stand (as you do) to find they had an awesome range of Amy's products.  Obviously I made a few purchases lol.

I then waited anxiously for the lovely Amy to make an appearance.  I couldn't believe how thrilled I was when I caught a glimpse of her casually walk over to the Spotlight stand.  WOW It was really her.  I even felt my face flush a little with excitement lol.

It took me a little coaxing from my 7 year old and his Dad to go up and actually speak with her. Why was I so shy?  This wasn't like me at all.  Then it hit me...  I was actually a little star struck lol.

With iPhone in hand and my Mr 7 pushing me through the people, I walked over to where she was chatting to a Spotlight staff member and timidly tried to catch her eye.  I heard myself ask "May I have a photo please?"  What tha?  But who's timid voice was that that just came out of my mouth?  It sure as heck wasn't my usual confident and chatty vocals.  OMG I was actually embarrassed lol.  Well fancy that!

Amy quickly nodded with her lovely smile and said, "Sure" and waved me over.  I introduced myself and ushered Mr 7 to join the photo (I think that was more for moral support), thanks buddy.  We had a few taken and I remember telling her that I was a little 'star struck' and she laughed and kindly assured me I didn't have to be.  I thanked her and then happily returned to my spot to let her 'do her thing'.

What a pleasure to watch her in her element, crafting away and educating others with her great hints and tips.  I truly was in awe...  Maybe even slightly obsessed lol.

We waited until she was finished and then I took the plunge again (this time with a little more courage) and asked her to sign a piece of her Yes Please paper for my Project Life album.  Amy was kind enough to write a little note for me and then even suggested I grab my newly purchased Daybook for her to write in and sign.  WOW so sweet :)

I couldn't tell you what words were then exchanged, obviously apart from me thanking her, as I was just so ecstatic that I had two personal little notes from Amy in my hands.  I thanked her again and, I swear, I 'skipped' away (well maybe in my head I skipped) lol.  YAY FOR ME :)

So there you have it.  I met Amy :)

PS.  Hop on over to Polka Dot Creative if you are after any of Amy's gorgeous products, the lovely Jodie would be more than happy to help you out.

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