Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 12

A little bit more embellishing this week but still keeping it quick and simple.  For something different I tried using some black and white photos and to my surprise, they blended well amongst the colour photos.  I always tended to steer clear of using black and whites as I like bright and colourful pages but I found that they actually boost the page rather than make it look dull like I assumed they would.  See, lesson learnt. . .  Never make assumptions lol ;)

I have always gravitated towards the colour red in my traditional scrapping and I can now see this red pattern forming in my Project Life albums also.  I chose to use the some of the red and brown (earthy) insert from the AC Digitals Turquoise Edition of Project Life and added text straight onto the with iScrapbook before I printed.

I did the same with these 3"x4" photos, adding text and then printing.  With the 'Friday' insert here, I actually did it all on iScrapbook, adding the photo, date text, etc and then just added the washi measuring tape on the bottom.  Admittedly, I did go little crazy with washi tape this week but I just can't help myself; it's the perfect addition to any photo/insert that has awesome ability of jazzing it up within seconds.  Quick, simple but very affective.

Take a closer look at the tag on this side of my layout. . .  Look familiar?  You see, I'm a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to keeping any kind of tag from any purchased items (for Project Life purposes of course) and this is where this little addiction has once again came in handy.  For those of you that haven't recognised it, it is actually a Cotton On Kids swing tag.  I have simple covered the 'Cotton' wording with some stick on lettering with the word 'crazy'.

So there you have it, another cheap and simple tip for your Project Life layouts, keep swing tags to use later on layouts.  Now time for me to squeeze in a quick coffee and then school pick-up time *sigh* I need to crank it up before the craziest part of my day begins, you know the one between the school bell and bedtimes?

Catch ya,
Kye :)

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